MND Biography

Most compelling stories involving triumph often contain a past marked by struggle. The result? An unyielding drive and a passion to persevere. This sentiment rings true for California based rapper, M.N.D. aka Millionaire Next Door.

Stylistically, M.N.D’s music is heavily influenced and inspired by the likes of Project Pat, Bone Thugs, 2 Pac and Barry White, featuring thought-provoking wordplay and seemingly effortless flow. His sound orbits around the worlds of Rap and Hip-Hop, with lyrics that lean into themes of wealth as he challenges notions of ‘making it’. With some productions perfect for that long drive down the highway, some filled with hyped up lyrics and some more geared towards the ladies, M.N.D’s sound is as versatile as it comes.

His upbringing in numerous hoods in Sacramento led to a tough start in life. The devastating murder of his father as a child meant he was raised solely by his mother, who’s lessons of ambition have shaped who M.N.D. is today. From the age of 7, he had learnt how to make money, mowing lawns with his brother so that they could spend their hard earned money on Pokemon cards.

Music acts as a form of self-expression where the rapper can have fun whilst turning his thoughts into a form of modern-day poetry. It lets listeners in on his vibe and allows them into his space, helping to bridge the connection between artist and listener. In the same way that his music is real, the writing process for M.N.D is never forced, letting the wordplay flow through him every time that he spits.

The first of what is poised to be countless releases, it perfectly encapsulates the talents of this young rapper and hone in on exactly why he is one to watch closely over the coming years.